You can never Reach the Master and always be Smaller than him – 11 Aug 09

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Many times we have a Darshan in the beginning of the program at one place so that people can come in a group and can just get to know me and my ideas as well as my energy. And after that some decide that they would like to come for an individual healing session. I am happy when they then tell me that they came for certain reasons, for example because they felt that I am not a guru, but that I can be a helping friend for them.

One woman told me that she had been and studied with many masters and gurus, always looking for something. She said that all of them taught her that she can be a good follower but nothing more. She learned that she will never be a master herself, never be complete. The goal is to reach a higher level of consciousness through the help of the master but the master said: Even if you reach to a higher level, I will always be some levels higher than you! What does that mean? Then you will always be small, will never be satisfied and happy with who you are. And you can never talk to this person as a friend. I imagine that the life of this master must be very lonely. He might have many disciples but he will never be able just to give them a friendly hug.

I enjoy my life so much because I am free to be wherever I want to be, talk to whoever I want to talk to and to give my love to whomever I wish to. You are yourself a master. You don’t need any disciple for that, just follow your feelings, you are creator of your world. If you want to be and stay small you can, but you can also realize your strength and see that we are all human, all the same. There is one love and one God for all of us.

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