Fascination with Magic Tricks of Gurus – 22 June 10


We got a lot of feedback on yesterday’s diary and many people liked the tips for opening their guru business. But should any of you really decide to start this, I would just like to let you know one more thing: good skills in sleight of hand can help you get further! You may have seen magicians perform magic tricks on show or on TV. Stage artists like to show how they do something amazing to watch, something that cannot be done. The whole audience is fascinated by what he does with one hand and doesn’t realize he is tricking with the other one, creating a perfect illusion.

Followers also easily get fascinated and if a guru is good in these tricks, they do not notice and believe that it is fully true. If the guru can make them believe that he materializes something, anything, they are his, they are fully with him. I have met several also highly educated persons who told me about this kind of situation ‘I have really seen it, with my own eyes!’

There is a guru call Sathya Sai Baba in South India who has been doing this for more than 40 years. Now he got old but many gurus have followed his path to boost their business and now you can find many who do this. I anyway do not meet these gurus directly but while travelling I have met many people who have been impressed by magic tricks. They shared different names and places but always the same story, how their guru materialized something for them ranking from ashes to jewelry. This generation’s materializing gurus are very clever on top and realize which audience likes to see those tricks and for which audience this might be too much.


  1. Deniz Tekiner

    Over the years I’ve sadly seen many friends become infatuated with gurus who do magic tricks, but thankfully I had enough sense to never do likewise. My guru never did any magic tricks at all.

  2. Gerda Reuter

    The self esteem of such Gurus must be miner… otherwise they would not need aaaaas and ooooooos to feel great. But in the end… it’s just another break on our way to GOD.Thank you Swamiji. Not many talk about this subject. GOD bless you and your brother always. OM

  3. Tricia

    Why not just go to a magic trick show then…why follow a guru…or are they indiced by the prospect of something to believe in?

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