Do not Make me your Guru – Find Love and Guidance in Yourself! – 9 Aug 09


I said yesterday that I hope people don’t get disappointed by the fact that I don’t want to be a guru anymore. I have lived this life and yesterday in the Darshan I told the people about it. But still, although I write it on my website, in all our brochures, in my diary and also say it in programs, there are still people who like to see me as a guru. They see the website but don’t read it. And they want to treat me as their guru even though I don’t want to have followers.

I think this will always happen because people want to follow someone. They are looking for guidance. I don’t want to blame anybody for it because it is just some confidence and self-respect missing inside them. But I would like to ask them to open their eyes, see what I am talking about and realize that everybody is his own wonderful being, has a great soul and is perfect as he is. Please don’t try to make me your master. You don’t need a guru or master to be complete and to live your life. If you are looking for guidance, go inside yourself, there you will find everything. Answers may be hidden behind all confusing thoughts and emotions but they are there, right in your heart.


  1. Arunachalananda Seva Center

    I see you both as my great friend, my brothrer. Someone I can trust with anything. So happy you are in Tucson.

  2. Anjana Kasun

    I am the master in my way…

  3. Bhikkhu Pannadharo

    When one first appears in this realm, they are beset with fear. Some never grow out of it. Some never learn, rather become dependent on those they look to for guidence.Every “thing” and everyone is teacher (guru), if only one can “see” the lessons they offer/provide.
    Eyes wide shut …… See More

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