A Real German Guru – 15 May 09


Today after dinner we were all sitting together and talking. Michael asked about one topic which I wrote once in the diary. He read that I refused money because I did not want to go back into the guru role. Now I am here so he wanted to talk with me about it. He said ‘Please inform them about a German guru, I would love to play this role for 10 million rupees. If it is only for one time, it is an exception.’

He suggested me that I could do this once as an exception and use the money for the children charity projects. We were laughing a lot about this idea. It is wonderful with him because we can really laugh loudly and sometimes we laugh so much that our bellies ache. We both are busy the whole day, he has clients and beside my healing sessions I also work with his patients. But after that at the dinner table we really enjoy. Since eight years I am coming to this house and we work and spend nice evenings laughing, eating ice-cream and making jokes.

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