Not a Guru or Master – just your Friend – 17 Oct 08


Last night an Indian family from Rajasthan arrived unexpectedly. Among the eight people there is a girl who took initiation from me together with hundreds of people from her village in 1996. In that time I was still living the life of a guru. She was 14 years old, now she is 26. She has a very strong love and belief. She spoke with me a couple of times on phone when I was here in India. Now she is engaged and will get married in December. From her energy I could feel that she is very happy and feels blessed that she can be here. She made a phone call to her fiancé so that I could also speak to him. She and her future husband would like me to give initiation to him, too. I told her that I don’t do this anymore, this belongs to the past.

After my stay in the cave my philosophy was changed completely. I believe that nobody is greater than others. We are all human and everybody has this great soul inside himself. I do not want to be a guru or master. I just want to be a normal human and a friend. I cannot imagine or think about going back to that life which I have lived. It is over. She replied that she still sees me in the same way as she did before. She said her love is same and even gets stronger.

I said: ‘You are free to believe and feel what you want but I don’t see anybody as a disciple. Of course your love and belief will help you and show you the right way in your path.’ This trust and love is like this that it can make God in a sculpture or a statue, too. People see it like this and it works for them because it is their own love and belief. The whole family is very happy and will stay probably until tomorrow and then go back home. 

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  1. I am glad you changed. I appreciate what you have to offer the world after your time in the cave. seems like you have to keep reminding people, maybe for the rest of your life, that you are a friend.