Gurus and Groups copying Traditions for Business – 26 Aug 08


Today a woman was here for a healing session who had been in a yoga group for four years. She said they do ‘White Tantra Yoga’. I don’t really know what that is. I never read about it in any yogic or tantric scripture. As I have indicated before also, there are no colours in Tantra but I have heard here several times that people describe black, red or white Tantra. But this is a new creation not coming from any profound or renowned source or scripture.

If you are with a group there are always some rules what you should do, what you cannot do, like a dress code for example. I cannot understand why this kind of gurus or masters who lead those groups want everyone to copy something. Why can’t the people be how they are? In their original way. This was also the problem of that woman. She asked why people do not want to see her as she is, why do they want to see me as another person?

When I hear this from someone I always feel sorry. Someone comes to a group and maybe for a few months or years it is nice but usually they recognize it after some time that they would like to be themselves, that they would like to express their identity. That is why she asked why she couldn’t be who she was. Why do these gurus and masters want their followers to copy a certain tradition, dress and behavior? Maybe this satisfies their ego. Maybe those who take part just want to belong somewhere, to something. That’s why they follow it for a while. It gives some feeling of security. But instead of this you could just realize that you belong to God, you belong to love. You don’t need to belong to anyone or anything which manipulates your mind and where you lose your freedom to be yourself.

I told you yesterday that Purnendu would make a tent and cook for the poor people and that is also what they did today. They cooked lots of food and distributed it, warm and fresh. Purnendu also told that the water started going down, it is now from 20 to 17 centimeters over danger level. Now they will have to face the situation afterwards. The sun is now burning down on the water and when the water is gone, it will warm the dirt and mud in the wet streets, so everybody has to take care of bacteria, insects and diseases. You can see how people have opened their heart and contributed their help. I am thankful to them from my heart. I am happy that you can see that this help is going there directly.

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  1. I think this is so right…. “Maybe those who take part just want to belong somewhere, to something. That 19s why they follow it for a while. It gives some feeling of security.” It’s almost like people long back to smaller communities with simple direct tasks in daily life and being surrounded by a big ‘family’…people want more purpose to their lives and they want to be with other people and I can see that it might feel easy to follow rules and be in a ‘system’, too many choices in life can feel like too much pressure…not everyone knows where too look and fall into a followers community.