Sexually abused by their Guru – Women in Confusion – 22 Sep 11


Yesterday I said that one can only see clearly about a religion or even a sect if one has some distance from it. It is usually only then that the faults and mistakes get clear and understandable. Then you realize that you have been manipulated or that there are traditions or rules that you cannot support with clear conscience. I have met many people who had been members of sects and left. Several of the women who had left sects also told that they had been abused within their sects, mostly by their gurus.

Now you may wonder how someone can stay in a sect for many years, experience such abuse and still remain there. They often don’t tell of full intercourse. Not each of these women was really raped by the guru. It is mostly inappropriate touching or kissing. These women have to face the question: Why didn’t you quit when he kissed you the first time? Why didn’t you slap him when he touched your behind the first time? Didn’t you realize you are being harassed?

In this way women often get accused that they were actually enjoying their time and just after coming out of the sect, after some jealousy among female sect members for example, complain about that physical closeness. People even think they were waiting for the guru to have sex with them and when they realized he wouldn’t go that far they got disappointed and angry and left.

I cannot say that this is never the case. Maybe there are women who are in that situation, who were eager to sleep with the guru and enjoyed the caresses and kissed when they got them. I have however made the experience that the women who tell those stories, who say that they feel abused by the touch and kisses, were actually very confused. They believed their guru to be God. It was what they were made to believe and what everyone around them believed. You do what God says and whatever God says is right and has a deeper meaning. So if God asks you to touch his genitals or if he kisses you, you think there will be a reason. Some gurus even told their favourite female disciples that they were the chosen ones who will receive enlightenment the fastest.

After all, nobody physically hurt them. Had someone slapped them in the face, it would have been a physical assault and they might have reacted much quicker. It is easier to realize that a physical assault is bad than to realize an assault to your dignity.

Many of those women finally realized such assaults though and left the sect. A lot of them and other former male disciples now run campaigns against those gurus and sects and openly speak about their experiences. They try to make others understand this situation and help those who are still facing such behavior from their guru. I can imagine how much hate they have to face now from followers and disciples who are not at all happy about the stories they spread.

I would like to encourage everyone again to tell the truth. Let everybody else know about what has happened to you and help others to get out of those situations. Don’t feel guilty about what happened, you are doing a great job. Don’t care what others say, as long as you are honest, you can feel good about yourself.

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  1. It is really sad but true that in the holy surroundings of blessed men there is a lot of abuse. It is not always the wise guru himself but often his closest disciples who are the ones abusing women. And it is always more difficult to detect psychological abuse!

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