The Yoga and Meditation Guru – Salesman for Health Products and Offers – 29 Aug 12


Yesterday I wrote about those gurus who are the priests for people’s rituals and who thus take care of everything they believe their souls need. Today I will write about that type of guru who very practically also takes care of body and mind:

3. The Yoga and Meditation Guru

This type of guru is actually further spread than most people imagine. He looks like a yoga and meditation teacher, a provider for solutions for your health, for ways to relax and to find a balance for your body or your mind. But then there is a little bit more to this man.

Surrounding him you will find religious-minded or spiritual people who think it is great not only to have a guru but to have a practical benefit, too. Physical fitness or mental relaxation is what they are looking for as ways to bring peace to their souls, too.

Not only spiritual people, though, even corporate business owners and managers feel attracted to them. They take meditations to relax from their busy days and yoga classes for some physical movement that they otherwise don’t get with all their mental stress. That mixes up the crowd of people around the guru and makes you wonder: what makes this man a guru and thus more than what he basically looks like, a regular yoga teacher?

Only his behavior. These gurus act different than your common yoga teacher who is like you, who could be your friend. They talk as though they know more, they give themselves a holy atmosphere and they make whatever practice they sell a big mystery so that you keep on buying from them and believe them to be the only masters of it.

Not rarely you can see that they mix two common practices and call it their own, put a patent on it and then sell it. I don’t doubt that they have done their own physical practice! They have put effort to learn the Kriyas for example or other ancient techniques. And thus they sell something that is actually there, not only blessings.

They want to be a guru though and not only a simple yoga teacher or meditation instructor. There is more benefit in it!

You can charge your entry fees for the workshops – but at the same time they are gurus and people can give them money just because they love them as disciples and want to see them prosper. And even if the guru part, the whole deal about the holiness and divinity should not work anymore one day, they can still sell yoga and meditation – because the effects of these are clear and not only for religious followers!

Look at Sri Sri Ravi Shankar or his guru Mahesh Yogi, who are both examples of being successful in this type of Guru business. Think of the late Osho or even Ramdev! They have a huge following and the people who use their techniques or practices are all over the world. If you see their wealth and assets, the numbers go into billions! There are smaller gurus of this type, too. You may actually know one not too far away from you! Many yoga teachers have the secret wish to be a guru and start acting as though they are the only way to reach inner peace, calmness or even enlightenment.

This much about the popular yoga and meditation gurus. Tomorrow I will get to describe you a type of guru who sells much less tangible goods.

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