Believers cheat themselves by thinking God created everything bad for a Reason – 20 Jun 13


I have many times written about religion and god and usually don’t write in favour of either of them. I have questioned superstition and showed cases in which that belief failed. I have showed strange excerpts of holy scriptures and explained how it cannot be true and I have repeatedly questioned why god, if he is omnipotent, does such bad things on this earth. This is a non-believer’s first and main question: why should I believe in a god who gives us so much pain and sorrow?

I have heard the answer of believers many times: God’s ways are mysterious! He doesn’t always work the way that we want him to. We can however trust that he is doing everything to its best. He takes care of the cycle of nature, too. If he acted the way that we wanted to, we would never die because death is always painful, if not for the dying one, then for those around him! Look at the tiger, he has to eat something! The deer doesn’t want to die but for the tiger to live, the deer has to die, it is just god’s wonderful creation of a natural cycle!

This is a typical answer of a believer as I have heard it many times. Each and every time however I have to refuse this logic. It is one thing if a tiger hunts deer and kills it to eat and survive. That is nature, instinct, the only thing that the tiger can do to survive. It is a fully different story however when people knowingly start a war out of greed! When power-hungry dictators chase away people from their land because they want to dig for oil or live there themselves. When these people then starve on their search for another place. When humans lead war, when they destroy nature, when they torture each other. That is not instinct, not natural and there is no cycle behind it.

Or are you trying to say that it is good when a teenage girl is being raped? Is it fine because god let someone satisfy his natural sexual desire? I can tell you thousands of examples with which you will get mad trying to apply your faulty logic. No, god doesn’t let everything happen as it is supposed to be and as it is good. There are too many horrible things happening on this world to believe they are happening as they should.

If it actually was true that God is behind that all, then I would think there is nobody who is crueler than god! And who would like to believe in such a god? No, there is no logic or plan behind this all, it is just a belief, paired with superstition. People want to have this faith so that they can excuse all the bad happening in the world and just give responsibility to a higher person, even if that person is just fictive.

If god really was omnipotent, why wouldn’t he do something against the growing number of atheists and non-believers who are so clearly opposing the idea that he even exists! I know believers would find some kind of explanation, probably that he will save everyone at some point and that he gives the possibility to experience life without him to finally find back to him.

The reality is however the believers just cannot convince non-believers as most of them are not interested in such conversations. As soon as someone starts preaching their belief, they run away and are not to be seen again – they know that believers should not try selling their faith as logic and reason!

You can keep on believing that your cruel god made all the bad in this world and that it is actually not that bad at all – I will keep my eyes open to reality though and try my best to do a small contribution to changing something by at least feeding and educating as many children as I can.

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