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‘God is just doing his Work’ – Nepal’s Earthquake explained by religious Believers – 28 Apr 15

Yesterday I got such an interesting feedback on the thoughts which I also expressed in my blog entry that I thought I should share it with you so that you also know what kind of thoughts people can have. And maybe my answer is interesting not only for the person it was written to. No, actually I think everyone else may enjoy the answer more because it was absolutely not what the writer of the comment wanted to read. But see for yourself.

The comment started with something I had already assumed people would tell me: that prayer was useful because we were all connected to each other through a superior energy of which we all were a part. So far so good – I just don’t believe in this connection, so I don’t see prayer as helpful in this sense.

This person continued however in a different direction:

“…GOD is doing HIS work. We get the things according to our Karma, which we forget instead of improving upon it. GOD is beating our heart, pulse, running blood in our veins and most importantly breathing in & out. He has done his work by bestowing power to see, hear, speak, smell & touch etc. Etc. He id omnipresent. […] HE can never do bad for us but only Love us whether u trust him or not. Please do not misguide the fellow beings. “

So god is doing his work? I see, that’s how he killed all those people…

But you are telling me that we should accept whatever happened because it was god who did that. If you feel that it was something bad, it was that person’s karma, which is of course for the betterment of people. So even bad things are good – wasn’t that exactly what I wrote yesterday? That you should believe these lines if you believe in god?

Do that but I can only feel sorry for you if you think in this way! Isn’t it great, god is only doing good deeds! According to this, whenever a child is raped, it is just god’s wish, the result of this little girl’s karma! When children die without food or because they have no access to medical treatment, it is the fruit of their karma and everything just the way how god wishes it to be. Of course also the earthquake in Nepal only happened according to god’s wish! An obvious sign of god’s love – can’t you see that?

I completely believe that it is a waste of time and energy to argue with people who think in this way. You won’t be able to convince them. Sometimes it nearly hurts however that people believe such cruelties could be the wish of a supreme being and even a sign of love.

I got a well-wished warning that I should stop talking like this and take care of my karma. Don’t worry about me though, I actually don’t believe in karma and thus also not that any supreme will punish me for my bold words at a later point. That is your worry, not mine.

Instead of troubling my mind with such thoughts, I will help more children getting food and education, donate towards good causes and write about it so that maybe someone who reads my words gets inspired to get active, too.

In actions, not just in prayers!

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  1. Peter

    so by this man’s reckoning we should never aid the victims of Earthquakes/Typhoons/Storms etc because God has already made his intention clear. In Nepal he obviously WANTED over 17,000 dead and hundreds of thousands to suffer. God wants children to be sick and die slowly of malnutrition, disease and environmental impact. God wants families split apart and displaced and homes destroyed. If you offer aid to these people that are receiving God’s mercy you are going AGAINST HIS WILL, Beware your karmic fate will be terrible (lovingly terrible?) if you defy HIM by helping those that he wants suffering. Even if you offer prayer you are criticizing his plan…. wow I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes when karma catches up ………

  2. Peter

    I was in The Philippines when Pope Francis visited in January 2015 (different religion but consider it as “the same crap in a different pot”), First, this guy is a “Religious Rock Star” – crowds of people weeping, cheering, doing anything to get a glimpse of this man. Second, and more in line with this post is that he visited Tacloban which had recently been hit by a killer typhoon that devastated the city. One year after the event the effects are still ravaging the area and the people still suffering so the Pope went there to “be with the people”. While he was there a second strong tropical storm hit the area as he was speaking, causing the event to be curtailed, and afterwards a young girl died as she fell from a speaker gantry removing loudspeakers form the event. So, if you believe that God directs EVERY event as it says in Psalms in the Bible or due to karma in Hindu thought then HE must really have it in for Tacloban. HE didn’t just hit it once and killed over 6000 people, displacing over 22,000 and some people STILL missing a year later, when HIS representative on Earth went to commiserate HE sent another storm and just to drive the point home killed a young volunteer. If you believe in God and live in Tacloban – RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ramona

    Obviously all chose the wrong god – did you find out whether the local Moslems or Hindus were hurt? I bet they weren’t – wrong god! 🙂

  4. Ramona

    That’s exactly what we are going to write in today’s blog entry! It is so ridiculous – how would you even know you are doing right by changing anything?Better keep your hands off everything, not to get bad Karma… 😉

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