Is God trustworthy? Should you really have Faith in someone you never met? – 24 Jul 12


Yesterday I wrote about events that made people lose their faith in God. There are bigger tragic events, incidents in life that disappoint them from God and make them realize that God did not do what they expected from him. They say ‘I lost my faith in God’. Or ‘I lost my trust in God’. This brings me to the question: Is God the right person to put your faith in? Is God trustworthy at all?

That may seem a funny question to anybody who grew up in a religion or with a religion. But if you think about it seriously, you have to admit that this trust in God seems, if not naïve, then at least much too overrated. It looks as though people immediately put so much trust in God as they have never put in any human person.

When we grow up we are taught that we should be careful whom we trust. It is difficult to trust people you don’t know because they take advantage of you, exploit you and are just not good for you. You should not trust someone whom you only met a few times. You trust your friends who have been with you for years, nobody else.

So how could it be right to trust someone and have faith in someone whom you never even met? God doesn’t even have a phone and you have no number to call to get to know him better! Sometimes you even doubt whether he exists at all! So is it really a great idea to have faith in such a person?

When something happens that people did not want to happen in their lives, they are very disappointed. They lose their faith, they shout out to God why he betrayed their trust. But is that really fair? On what did you base your expectation? He never told you he would be there for you! He never even met you! How can you expect from him to do something for you?

After your disappointment, you don’t even have anywhere to go and claim that someone broke his word! If you have talked to a real person and he or she let you down, you can meet or call and say ‘Hey, what is this? You promised!’ If you had a contract, a written piece of paper, you can go to a lawyer and bring that person to court.

But what can you do with someone whom you have never seen, who has no real form and who definitely never signed a paper?

Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely a positive person who likes to believe in people. When someone comes and stands in front of me, asking me to trust him, I will actually be the first one to say ‘Yes, I trust you!’ But for that I would at least talk to that person. If God comes to me one day and asks me to trust him, I will.

Until then I think God is not really the right person to have faith in.

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