Praying for Earthquake Victims in Nepal? To whom? The one who caused it all? – 27 Apr 15


Day before yesterday, the earth shook in Nepal, not at all far from here and thousands died! While we didn’t feel the earthquake in Vrindavan, it did reach all of our surrounding, even cracking walls in houses in Mathura. Obviously, we all are shocked by the extreme loss of lives and the widespread damage. Of course, we all feel with the families of the victims. Today however I would like to write, with all respect to the good wishes that everyone feels and wants to convey, that one thing won’t help the victims at all: praying.

I know exactly what I am writing here and am aware of the fact that many of my readers won’t agree with my words. A lot of people, even if they are not religious, believe in the power of prayers. That’s how they now say they pray for the victims.

I honestly feel it doesn’t make sense. I even would call it foolish. You can do something for these people with your hands and legs, by going there and helping yourself, by collecting helping goods or volunteering your time and skills to a charity organization. You can do something with your mind, offering your thinking powers to charities or thinking of people whom you could approach for help. Or you can help with your pocket, by giving donations to a charity organization yourself. If you can do any of these, do it and it will help. Your prayers won’t.

Why not? Because you are praying to that omnipotent god who caused the earthquake and the following misery in the first place!

Without his wish, not even a leaf on a tree moves. So how can the whole earth shake without him wanting that? Oh yes, it was his wish that made whole houses break down with people inside, his wish that made snow and earth slide down the sides of mountains, burying people and whole villages underneath them and his wish that crashed the bodies of thousands of people underneath ancient buildings that were once called World Heritage Sites. His wish that made so many women widows, men widowers and children orphans.

If this all was his wish, why are you praying to this god, who is worse than a monster, wishing for such cruelty?

If you believe in god and even now pray to him, you should accept what is written about him: he is the doer and whatever he does is good. Accept all the bad he did – there is no sense in praying him to stop or even make amends!

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  1. Sir, the logic of your point is reasonable; prayer won’t change the event and is certainly less important than real assistance through action, donations etc. Consider, though, that for the modern spiritualist who is not a rigorous adherent to a specific religion, prayer has more meaning than obeisance to a God(s). It is a way of expressing concern and connection – whether through a spoken word or just a caring thought – that has the goal of helping people through the emotional stress of pain and loss. In that sense it is a purely secular expression of humanism, despite the religious aura that attaches to the historical concept of’ “prayer”. At least in my circle of friends who identify as being on a spiritual path the intention of prayer for those who are in the midst of suffering is less a supplication to a deity and more an affirmation of the love and compassion between human souls. As a note on my personal reaction to this disaster, I’m praying for a respite from suffering for everyone affected – AND sending cash donations.

  2. Dear Rick,
    Thank you very much for your comment! Balendu has answered to these thoughts in the blog entries of the following days.

    Thank you for reading the blog – and looking forward to hear from you in future!


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