I don’t have the Belief of Believers nor the Belief of Non-Believers – 21 Dec 11


I meet people of all different mindsets. Among them are very religious people but of course also atheists and non-believers. If one speaks about a majority of the non-believers and compares them roughly with the groups of religious or spiritual people, I have to say that the non-believers are more realistic and down-to-earth people. But if you ask me whether I would think myself belonging to the believers or the non-believers, I would have to say that I think I belong to neither of them.

If you usually read my diary, you may have thought that I would see myself as a non-believer. I always say I don’t believe in any religion and I write a lot against different superstitions. One person who sees himself as a non-believer recently said: ‘It is nice that you write against superstition but you spread it yourself! You yourself tell others that you believe in Mantras!’ Another time I met a person who criticized me ‘You don’t believe in religion but you believe in God! A real atheist does not believe in religion and not in God either!’

I had some thoughts about that. Believers say God exists, non-believers say God does not exist. I say it is up to you, it depends on whether you need God or not. If you need God, he exists for you. If you don’t, he doesn’t exist for you.

I further thought about the question what God really is. He is your wishes. If you wish for him to exist, he is there. Our wishes create God. I don’t say God has any certain form, any certain colour or any certain name. He does not exist in a certain time or place. It is a creation of humans to imagine him clothed in a certain way or having names like Krishna or Allah. God is a creation of our wishes. Believers say God created the world. But I believe human created God and had the wish for him to be the creator of this world. For the believer, this is reality.

For me, a Mantra is a prayer and a prayer is a wish. When I say a Mantra and pray for someone or for myself, the words I say are my wishes. And I say God is wishes, too.

Maybe a non-believer would not say ‘God bless you!’ or greet someone with the name of God because they say they don’t believe in God. But don’t they say ‘Good morning’ and ‘Good night’? Don’t they wish someone best of luck or a happy birthday? Don’t they send their best wishes and greetings to others?

If so, I want to tell them that in the wish ‘Good morning’, the wish that the morning will be ‘good’ is God. When you wish someone a happy birthday, the other one knows that it is his birthday but you make a wish that it may be happy, too. So this wish is actually God!

I once had a conversation with a non-believer who said ‘I am an atheist, I don’t believe in anything!’ I cannot agree with this statement at all. What do you mean, you don’t believe in anything? Don’t you believe in yourself? Don’t you believe in the power of your mind and your wishes?

Even the title ‘non-believer’ is very strange for me. You cannot believe in nothing at all. You definitely have belief and trust in something or someone, be that yourself, your father, your partner or your children! There will be something you believe in! How can you then say that you don’t believe?

When you call yourself a non-believer you already prove that belief is God. You don’t believe in God but through that statement you prove he exists in some form that you can believe in or not. I always say that love, soul and God is one for me. We can add wishes, belief and trust in that, these words are also simply God. Your wishes create God.

So you see, I don’t belong to any of the two groups, the believers and the non-believers. For believers, I don’t have any faith, I don’t believe in their scriptures or their religious rules. For non-believers, I am too much of a believer because I believe in Mantras, in prayers and in wishes. I don’t want to be a believer because I cannot blindly trust or believe in any scripture. I don’t want to be a non-believer because I don’t want to lose the freedom of sending my best wishes. So I prefer not classifying myself into any of the two categories of believers and non-believers.

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  1. Interesting statment Swami Ji. I myself see myself as a spiritual person, not a religious one, too. I would not call myself a believer of any religion but I don’t think i am a non-believer because i do believe that there is a force that keeps guard over us. In this way we of course create something that we then call God – either in a certain form or formless. But does the fact that we believe in this God not make us believers?

  2. Swami, my position on this is similar to yours. Believer, nonbeliever-what do these words mean? Just labels. One lives the best way one knows how, that’s all.

  3. I have thought about my belief and religion very much more since I have had children because I would like to give them as much information as possible so they can form their own opinions. I grew up with mostly Christian influence and we went to church as a family on Sundays and other important Christian days such as Easter and Christmas. However as an adult I stopped somehow believing in the God that is written about in the bible and I found that I was being guided by something more spiritual. I used to pray to God everyday but now I no longer feel the need to do this. I have had my children christened to give them a solid start and in school they learn from the Bible but when we travel I try to introduce them to the ideas of other religions and to people who just believe in life and love and don’t conform to an actual religion.

  4. ‎Swami Ji I say it because there are not many other ways of saying it. The other side who gets the b’day wishes feel good because they probably feel I have done the right thing( or they believe in God themselves)I do not believe in God ( that’s my personal opinion) and my wishes are just for making people happy . If there is a way to wish them without using common phrases I would be happy to use them 🙂

  5. What wise words! I am so glad I found your blog 🙂 thank you for these interesting and thought provoking ideas.
    I too fall in this camp – I am neither a believer or a non-believer as they are traditionally thought of. I feel an amazing and beautiful interconnection between all things, and I am in awe of our world and the universe. I believe our thoughts shape our world, and so if we can think loving happy thoughts we create a better world.

    Thank you Swami-Ji, I would truly love to visit you in India some day!!

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