If I am God, you are God and we all are God, whom are you preaching to? – 21 Jun 13


I am sure you have at some point heard of the Vedanta philosophy, the philosophy that says ‘I am God, you are also God, everyone is God’. This philosophy teaches that everything that is around you is God. There was a time when I was very attracted by this philosophy but today I would like to tell you about some thoughts I had about this philosophy once I stopped believing in religion and even God.

If everything and everyone is God, whom are you actually trying to teach this? You are God – so how come you started preaching about God? If you are God you should be above such things as trying to convince others. Either you should be able to make them believe in you because you are omnipotent or you should not mind that they don’t believe in you because you know that you truly exist.

Wait a moment, though, if everyone around you is God, too, then the question is not only why you are preaching but also to whom are you preaching? If the other one is also God, he should know exactly that everyone is God, just like you know it. So how come it is necessary to teach them about God?

It thus means that you either don’t truly believe you are God or you don’t really believe that the other, the one who is listening to you, is God. That means that you are actually not believing in what you just said! Your philosophy sounds nice to anybody who hears it, those words look nice to anybody who reads them but there is nothing more behind it!

You cannot comfort someone who is in pain with these words and you cannot raise your voice against any wrong, any kind of exploitation, dictatorship or tyranny. Why not? Because the one who is doing the wrong, the exploiter, the tyrant, the dictator, yes, every criminal, murderer and rapist is God, too!

You cannot even love someone! Why, you ask, if there is a lovely person and you think it is like God, you can surely love him or her! But don’t you see, for loving someone, you need at least two? But you are all one!

No, theoretically it sounds very nice but practically this theory does not make a lot of sense to me anymore. It just shows me once more how religion used a fictional character, God, this time not in a form but ‘in everything’ to fool people. There is just so much contradiction within all those scriptures that it first takes you ages to understand one idea and then you can forget it all to understand another philosophy. But you won’t ever get to use any of them! So just throw away all your big, fat scripture books and leave religion with its complicated philosophies which mess up your mind!

After all, to just live in love and with honesty you won’t need any scripture, any God or any philosophy!

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