Why do you trust in God? – 25 Jul 12


Yesterday I mentioned that people trust in God although they would never that easily trust in any person. While I yesterday mentioned that I didn’t think it was a good idea to trust anybody in this way, I want to talk about another question today: why would you trust God so completely as many people do? For what?

Do you trust in God, trust that he will protect you and let nothing happen to you?

That won’t work.

I am sure people have tried this theory by doing something stupid, shouting God’s name and jumping off a cliff or building or running into battle, hoping he would save them. It doesn’t help and they had to realize this painfully.

People say you should trust God like you trust a father – or mother, if you are talking about Goddesses. A child has complete trust in his or her mother. A mother does everything for her baby. She gives the baby food, she cleans the baby when its diaper is full, she rocks the baby to sleep, picks it up and puts it down. The baby will not do anything.

Is this what you expect from God? Is this how you trust him? That he will provide for you and you don’t need to do anything?

I tell you, it won’t work like this either. And if you think this, losing your faith in God is the best thing that can happen to you! This is the starting point to change something in your life! Too many people just say they trust in God and his actions – but if you want to reach somewhere and do something in life, you need to act yourself! It does not help to just sit there and have faith. Lose your faith, get out of your chair and out into the real world!

So if God is not trustworthy, what is he there for?

I think he is not really anything but a nice thought. A nice feeling. Love, nothing else. But the creature or being that you call ‘God’ is created by you! So when you have love, it makes you feel good, without doubt but it won’t save you.

When people trust in God they make the mistake to think God has more power than them. But if you created God, God cannot be more powerful than your thoughts and feelings. So trust yourself, trust your actions and have self-confidence. But get active, don’t wait for something miraculous to happen and definitely don’t trust on your own creation to save you.

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