Pet Words – Repeating the same Words again and again – 9 June 10

New York
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Today it was raining the whole day in New York. A couple of times we wanted to go out but then changed our minds because we did not want to get wet. So we were sitting, talking and laughing together in a funny mood, right?

Somehow we came to the fact that some people have the habit of repeating some of their words at the end of each sentence, right? They say something and then, for sure, this sentence or phrase follows. You are even sitting there, listening and just waiting for this word to appear. Some say ‘you know?’ and some people go further and say ‘you know what I mean?’. Ramona told about one person who kept on saying ‘just’ in each sentence, right? It was just funny because you cannot say ‘just’ in each content. It is just wrong. He ended up saying things like ‘And just 300 people died’. Which surely doesn’t give the right impression.

Some speakers always use the same kind of expression in their talk, one of these being ‘Please understand!’. I knew the Hindi word for this habit, looked it up and saw that it is called ‘pet words’ in English, right? Yashendu knows not only one person who always finished their sentences with ‘isn’t it’. Others say it in the beginning of the sentence: ‘I mean’, right?

I think you see where I am going, right?

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6 Replies to “Pet Words – Repeating the same Words again and again – 9 June 10”

  1. Yes, my dear Swami Balendu, my daughter calls me the parrot. Now, even the 7 year old does also. I think that it was an adaptation to the reality that no one in my family listens to me the first time lol.

  2. I notice here a lot of people end their sentence with ‘so’ They might say “I had a rough day, so” or “We are going on vacation, so” and I find myself waiting for the next part of the story, but that’s it, makes me giggle to myself every time :o))

  3. Repeating the same words, also cursing, is just filler for wanting to talk and not having the practice to budget your words. I am trying to do that now, except I almost never talk anymore. In fact you can see when I type that I use many unnecessary words. Meh.

  4. This is hilarious and so true! When people obsessively use these pet words, you find yourself distracted by it. You start listening for it and how randomly and inappropriately it’s used. It’s funny but also annoying! My roommate always says “you know what I mean?” And there are times when I feel like saying, “No, I literally don’t know what you mean! Explain!” Hahaha. Oh well. I probably have my own pet words that I don’t even know about!