Hidden Curiosity and Interest leads to Embarrassing Situations – 16 Jul 10


As I said, make-up is for me another way of hiding your natural beauty and your identity. When we were in America, a woman said to me ‘Oh yes, we Americans are really good in hiding!’ I had to laugh about it in that time because I also know many people in Europe and also in India who are good in hiding different things. In the west however it is more common to hide emotions and also to hide interest than in India.

I talked with a friend about how funny it is when I walk in the street and people are curious. They want to know who I am, they wonder why I am walking around in these clothes. Some might know that I am from India, some might even have seen my face on a picture sometime, on the internet, in a magazine, wherever. But there are always many people who are just curious. And I absolutely do not mind that.

It is however really always funny how people are so obviously curious and then try to look indifferent. They look at the side and watch me or us from the corner of their eye. It even happened that someone pretended to be writing a text message on his phone but actually took a picture of us. The sound was not muted however and so it made the typical ‘click’ of the camera noise and the boy’s head turned red. He was obviously very embarrassed that he took that picture.

When we are walking Ramona sometimes has fun to see when there are men or women who look interested but are shy to look at us openly, if they gaze at us from the back. So they pass by and then Ramona turns around to see them staring at us. She always smiles at them but they quickly turn their heads back.

So I really wonder, why do you need to hide your interest like this? Wouldn’t it be much nicer if you just looked and if you wanted to know more, you could come over and ask? This also happened quite often already and we have made many nice acquaintances like this. It is a kind of manner here that you should not stare at others. I believe if you stare and try to do it secretly, it is even worse! Just be open, approach us, that would be nice!

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  1. It is strange…meeting people as people, being open and approaching strangers openly is a wonderful way to do things and sometimes causes others a shock that makes them feel very upset. While I am very happy in a moment where I feel very open and others around me feel the same I sometimes forget to trust my openness when others are shocked by it! This was a great entry!

  2. Its happened to me before that I look at someone and when they look at me i look away because I’m embarrassed, and then they do the same thing. Got to hide it though! Must have mental personal space.

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