Not Following German Manners Regarding Gas – and Laughing about it! – 18 Jul 09


Once we were invited by someone for dinner. It was a really nice evening and we were just eating when I felt I had some gas. And I know people here like to hold that back but I cannot do that. So I let it go. I know everyone heard it and I just had to start laughing. And then I couldn’t stop anymore! I tried very hard because I know here it is considered as bad manners but I just couldn’t stop! It is so difficult to stop laughing when you are in this mood. And it makes it more funny that here nobody would talk about this.

It was funny and it took me some time to stop laughing. I hope nobody got offended by this, especially as I know that my hosts were serious people who take care of manners. And this is here absolutely no good manners but in India not really seen as bad manners.

Since that evening Ramona says I am even more crazy than her. But you see how much fun I had because of this! And I think this is the most important part. You should not let your manners kill the fun of life! I like this kind of laughter which is loud and how much you try to stop it, it comes more and more. I hope everybody knows this feeling how it is that you just cannot stop laughing! And afterwards you feel really good! Live, laugh and love.

Today's food was sponsored by Pia Rackl. She collected for her birthday.
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4 Replies to “Not Following German Manners Regarding Gas – and Laughing about it! – 18 Jul 09”

  1. I do think different manners are kind of silly. Different cultures have different ideas of what is polite and correct to do. And they think everyone else is crazy for not agreeing.
    I was in England a few weeks ago and wasn’t sure what gestures they use for greetings… shaking hands? Hugs? Kiss on the cheek? I was saying goodbye to someone who I felt somewhat close with. I went in for the hug, but he was going in for the kiss on the cheek. It ended up being a really awkward hug-smash-kiss. Kind of embarrassing, but I just laughed at the situation!

  2. In the UK and I think most of Europe it is considered rude to pass gas in company. I almost get used to this in India and some other countries in Africa where they do the same but for me I can only do this in private. At the Ashram last night Lena and I were saying that maybe this is why we have so many food ‘allergies’ and ‘intolerance’ in Europe because we hold in the gas when it needs to come out! The thing I find most difficult to get used to is clearing the throat and spitting in public,I still find this really disgusting…