Why are Dogs not allowed on Nudist Beaches? – 18 Jul 10


Today we went to the North Sea beach to go for swimming. It was a drive of one and a half hours and when we arrived there we were happy to see the ocean and the beach. It was just beautiful. We went closer to the water and stopped at a nice place. We looked around and saw a sign ‘FKK’ for ‘Frei-Körper-Kultur’ which means ‘Free Body Culture’ just behind us. This sign indicated that in the area next to us, you could lie around and go swimming naked, it was a nudist beach zone.

Above that word however there was another sign which stated that dogs were not allowed. We saw that there were some dogs on our side where people are dressed and there were no dogs in the naturist zone. What then followed was a laughing discussion about this signboard. What does this mean? Do they think dogs can cross their limits when they see naked human? Or is it because they have their fur and are not naked? How would they take that off? I think they are always naked.

When we were walking in New York we also saw many people with dogs and sometimes I saw how they pee on the street, sometimes against a tree, sometimes against the corner of a building. I said ‘See, human in this city has fewer rights than dogs! Dogs can pee everywhere, humans are not allowed to do this!’ So where is the logic? Dogs can pee everywhere but are not allowed to be on the nudist beach?

We did not have a dog anyway so we could freely walk on the whole beach but I felt really sorry for those dogs! We had a fun day and enjoyed the beach and ocean very much!

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  1. Dogs have a habit of sniffing about in the wrong areas Swami, if you know what I mean so maybe if they were on a nudist beach they would be annoying people in this way, after all they do have a sense of smell about 50 times stronger than ours !

  2. We always need a rule for something in Germany even though there is no rule necessary at all!But I think the dogs should put of there winter dressing! 😉

  3. Dogs like to pee against trees. Maybe the sign ‘Dogs not allowed in Nudist Area’ is there so that no dog confuses a certain naked bodypart of lying men with a small tree and…

  4. This is so funny! Rules aren’t always useless but many of them are created from thin air. Some rules are made in an attempt to minimize suffering even though they may be very unsuccessful but many rules are based off of a collective tangent of thought that makes little to no sense when you take a step back.

  5. Haha, this is really silly. Maybe they are worried about dog poop… but there’s no stopping bird poop! Also, I consider dogs naked when they don’t have their collars on…scandalous! Hehehe

  6. I have never been to a nudist beach and I don’t know if I should like to go to one…maybe it’s because i am not entirely comfortable with my body or I am too childish not to arrive there and either giggle or be a little grossed out by what I saw.

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