Was that a ghost or…? – 4 Feb 10


In the last days something strange happened to my grandmother. She lives at the Ashram and has her room at the ground floor so she doesn’t have to walk any stairs. She likes to sit out in the sun during the day and sometimes she also goes to join my mother with preparations for the food. During midday she is used to have a nap.

In the last days when she came back into her room after being out for some time she saw that her bed sheet and blanket were wet. Not soaking wet but there was water like sprinkled over some parts of the bed. We and she were wondering very much how that could happen. We looked if water was dripping from the ceiling or from the fan but there was nothing. We thought someone must put water onto her bed but why would anybody at the Ashram do that? We did not have any answer so we just decided to watch how often it will happen.

Today when Naniji, our grandmother, was sleeping and we were sitting in the office and were working we saw through the window how Suraj was playing outside in the garden. In the midday time the Ashram is often a little bit more quiet because many are taking a break or a nap.

So Suraj was playing out there and we saw him grab a piece of earth, pick it up and walk towards Naniji’s door. Having arrived there he turned and looked in all directions if anybody was watching him. When he thought he was unwatched, he put down the earth, broke it into small pieces and dust and started putting it under Naniji’s door. He did a lot of effort to make sure that all earth went into the room, then got up, cleaned his hands on his pants and ran away, off to new adventures. We were standing at the window and were laughing so hard that our stomachs started aching. Well, we were sure that it was not any ghost who put that earth into Naniji’s room!

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  1. Hahaha, that little rascal! And no ghost in sight. Sounds like the beginning to a lot of ghost stories I know. We miss you guys. -Love,
    The Walker Family