Fun Time is Necessary for Work to be Efficient – 07 Mar 08


My dear friend Roger and Mady, who is his wife, left in the night to go back to Luxembourg. I am missing them here already. We had a nice time, also on our trip to the Himalayas. Even though we did not have much time to talk because here is so much going on, we have this relation and this love in our hearts and feel connected with each other. This is what I want; this is the kind of relationship that is right and needed.

I have told before that we were playing a lot of billiard first on a mini pool table in Ramona's home and later we have been in Osnabrück and played on a real table. Andrea, Ramona's mother and a dear friend of mine, knows that we enjoyed that very much. So she decided to make the gift of a pool table to me, my brothers and the Ashram. She said: "I can see how much you all are working all the time. You need to have some fun, too, you deserve that. Only with a break sometimes you can put your full energy in the work. I want to give you a pool table as a gift." She knows how much we are working, it is true. And like this we will take some time for us, too.

I have also said this before: we need to think of ourselves, too. We cannot always occupy our mind with thinking what others think or want or would like us to do. You have to be happy for yourself. Only then you can help others to be happy. Of course I also have fun in my work. I am fully involved in it but it is also nice to spend time in playing with others like we were always playing badminton. Now we are also playing Billiard.

I have devoted my life, my energy and my time to the charity work that I am doing, that we all are doing with the children. But I need to have the strength that I get out of leisure, too. I need to charge the battery. For this others have the weekend free. I work seven days a week but whenever I feel I need it I take my time off to relax in playing with others, be in peace and silence and to let the mind rest. The pool table arrived yesterday and we and our guests had a lot of fun with it already. Nobody really can play but we have fun. I said to my parents to come and join us. They always play Carrom board, which is an Indian game, a bit similar, just in sitting and with a kind of puck instead of balls. So I said to them to play that with us and my father did play with us and the students. We all played and enjoyed it very much.

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