Monkeys Stealing at the Breakfast Table – 27 Dec 09


Today we had an uninvited guest at our breakfast table. It was actually a special experience for our friends from abroad. We were sitting together at the table outside in the sun as we do each day and we were enjoying nice Paranthas with yoghurt for breakfast. One of the boys put two bananas on a plate in the middle of the table because our friends like them very much. While we were eating and talking a bit with each other, suddenly a monkey jumped onto the table, grabbed the first banana and then the second and before any of us could even in any way react, he was gone again.

Nothing happened, two bananas were gone and a glass of soup and one with water had fallen down and of course our friends, who were sitting closer to the bananas, had a little shock. But everybody started laughing then and looked to the wall from where the monkey had come from to see if there are some more monkeys waiting to get breakfast. It was a nice coincident which will definitely stay in the minds of our European friends as a special experience in India.


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