Holi – More Children Tricks – 9 Mar 08


Yesterday I told you some tricks that we played on others and I remembered some more. One person has to go to the roof and sit there with a string onto which is a hook attached. Another person has to be in the street with the hook in the hand. In India many men wear a turban and many people have scarves on their shoulders, especially in Holi time in order to protect themselves from colour. They are walking on the street and the second person has to walk behind then and quickly attach the hook to the turban, hat or scarf which is then pulled up and away from them by the one on the roof. His hat flies up and he will only realize this once his hat is already in the air. And often he is asked for one or two Rupees to get his hat back. And the children will use the Rupees to buy colour to play.

Another trick is that one of the smaller boys has to sit in a bag on the street. It has to be a big bag which we usually use for potatoes or vegetables. It is tied with a string on top. In the back of this bag there has to be a hole which cannot be seen from the front side. When someone walks by another child has to try lifting the bag and ask for help. Usually everyone will want to help and in the moment that this person tries to lift the bag, using much strength because it looked heavy, the small boy crawls out of the bag and runs away. Everybody has to laugh when they see the surprise of the one person who wanted to lift the bag.

There are many such tricks and we always had lots of fun! And nobody gets angry in this time! Everybody has fun and enjoys.

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