Competition in Games vs. Fun in Games – 13 Jun 08


Today my friends Thomas and Iris came to Schwabmünchen. They will spend the weekend with us here. Yesterday Germany lost a match of football in the European Soccer Championship and Thomas told that many people in the streets seem to be very sad about this. Their team lost a match and they are sad even on the next day.

A few days ago I already wrote something about people’s mood and how it depends on small things from the outside. Losing a game can never be a reason for me to be sad. I do not play for winning but for having fun. The aim is not to be better than all others and if I lose I do not feel in any way worse. I am not sad because I had a lot of fun and a nice game. This is the game. Somebody will lose, somebody will win. A game is there for enjoying and winning and losing is part of the fun.

I don’t watch soccer or something like that on TV. However yesterday Ramona and her family were watching the match and when I walked through the room I saw one scene of the match: One of the players intentionally hit a player of the other team. This I don’t see as a game, this is violence. Aggression and violence do not belong into a game. Then it becomes a fight. In a game you should not get hurt physically or emotionally. Do not put your heart into the wish to win. If you put your heart in the fun that you can have while playing, you do not have to cry when you lose. No, on the contrary, you can be happy that you had a nice game. It is a game. Have fun and enjoy, that’s what it is for. 

2 Replies to “Competition in Games vs. Fun in Games – 13 Jun 08”

  1. I love a good football match. The fun in it is the physical roughness. As a female I do not meet lots of harsh physical contact, which I am glad for (for the most part) but I love just body slamming people. I think it is programmed into all humans- the fight.