Chaotic Characters – 17 Jan 09


Today Thomas and Iris came to visit us here in Essen. Noemi made a wonderful dinner for us and Thomas and Iris had brought a wonderful dessert: Halwa which my mother had made. The two came back from India a few days ago and told us about their visit in India and showed some nice pictures.

Then Ramona and I also told about our trip to Scotland and our host Julie. She has a very special character. She is very happy, jolly and positive, no matter about what. I think she doesn’t know what stress is. I talked about positivity in the last days and I often see that people are very negative and complain much. Here I see people who are very organized and often over-organized. They are always on time and get so stressed about this!

But Julie is the complete opposite. I think she couldn’t exist here in Germany. She is a bit chaotic but in such an innocent way that you just have to love her. When I arrived she told me that she wanted to surprise me by being organized but the next moment she realized that she had forgotten her calendar at home. Whenever you have a plan and tell her about it she will be enthusiastic and support you. This energy is just great. So I remembered our nice time there with her and her family and we had a wonderful evening.

Fun, Happiness, Positivity

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