Embarrassing Situations and how they Make Happy – 6 Jan 10


I was writing about time. Yesterday I said that in deep emotions like sadness it seems that this feeling will never go away. It is not only with sadness and anger like this. It also happens with embarrassment. It is funny how situations in which someone is feeling embarrassed are the most funny situations to those around!

Did you every come into an embarrassing situation? Did you ever act like a fool in public, couldn’t hold air back in an office meeting, had the zipper open during an important speech or accidently had your skirt fly up in a Marylin-like manner? And now tell me, especially if that was a very public incident, didn’t you think that you would never be able to go in front of people again? Didn’t you wish the ground would open up and swallow you? Okay and as the first moments after this event were passing, didn’t you stand there with the head shining in bright red thinking that these moments will never pass? And guess what: they did!

Depending on your character the embarrassment subsided fast or slowly and you are not thinking of this moment anymore each time when you meet those people. And if you decide to share your story with others you will see, the more embarrassing it was, the more happy you make your surroundings!

If you would like to share a laugh with the readers, you are welcome to send your most embarrassing story to me by email (info@jaisiyaram.com) and I will maybe share some stories in the diary in the next days!

2 Replies to “Embarrassing Situations and how they Make Happy – 6 Jan 10”

  1. It’s funny… some people think they always do embarrassing things, and other people think they never do embarrassing things. I guess it just depends on your perspective and how shameful you feel about doing stupid things. As long as you can laugh at yourself, then it’s not so bad! Don’t take everything so seriously and it can all be quite funny instead of embarrassing.