Dogs like Vagina only with Chocolate Cream – 11 Aug 14

I have a friend here in Germany who told me a great story which made me laugh like crazy. We have laughed about it for several years already now, sharing it with friends and many people – and of course remembering it and laughing again. The best part of the story is: it is completely true and real!

It was the birthday of my friend’s friend. He himself was not in town but their common friends asked the birthday girl what they would do on her birthday. She was not in the mood to invite people or go out for a party, so she said, she would just have a normal, quiet evening at home. Her friends however wanted to celebrate! So they planned a surprise party. One of them had a key for her flat – perfect!

It was a normal working day and they all knew when she would be back home from work. So eight of her friends – men and women – sneaked into her flat with some party food and drinks. They had even brought something for her small dog that accompanied her nearly everywhere she went!

She lived in a one-bedroom-apartment with a living room that included an open kitchen. All eight friends found places to hide the things they had brought and themselves as well! They were behind the curtains, in her cupboard, under the dining table and behind some plants. She should not be able to notice them when she got in!

And she didn’t! When she turned the key in the hole, everyone stood or sat very still and there was no noise to be heard except the dog’s happy panting. He jumped around her legs when she set down her work bag and started unbuttoning her jacket. The friends had wanted to wait with coming out of their hiding places until she had sat down and relaxed. She took them by surprise though: she didn’t stop with taking off her jacket! After the jacket, she opened her belt and one by one dropped each of her pieces of clothing on the floor until she was completely naked.

Watched by her friends, whom the shock had frozen into place by now, she then walked into the kitchen area. She grabbed a jar of Nutella, a popular chocolate-hazelnut spread, and returned to the sofa. She sat down, opened the jar and used her finger to take out a generous amount. It didn’t go in her mouth though! She straight away placed her hand in between her legs and spread the chocolate cream on her vagina! The dog, who had all the time been wiggling around her legs, now placed his paws on the sofa and started licking the Nutella off her vagina!

Ah, what the friends in their hiding places must have been feeling while watching her receive this treatment with pleasure! We can only imagine at what point they finally decided to awkwardly step out from behind curtains or crawl out from under tables!

The birthday girl actually left not only this flat and that town, but the country and even the continent after this incident. I heard she settled down in Australia – but I don’t know whether she took her dog along!


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