Avoiding sexual Harassment of Homosexuals at Airport Security Checkpoints – 17 Sep 16


Today I want to write you about a very important topic Ramona and I were talking about in breakfast time. Well, maybe not VERY important. Or maybe not important at all…: What about homosexuals at airport security checkpoints?

Think about it: there is a rule that women get searched by women and men by men. With the new body scanners, a lot of people don’t need to be touched at all but if the scanner shows something, you will be touched, properly, by a person of your gender. This rule was obviously brought into existence to avoid sexual harassment – or lawsuits due to sexual harassment! No woman should feel uncomfortable by a man touching her. In the same way, no woman should pull out a man for further searching just to touch him from top to bottom because she feels like it!

But what about our gay and lesbian friends?

Following this logic, that would be their dream job! And going through airport security the biggest pleasure for homosexual travelers! But wouldn’t that lead to problems and issues? What can be done about that?

It’s very clear: we need a separate line for homosexuals! There they will receive checking by the other gender, to avoid any kind of problems and complains! A lesbian woman checking a lesbian woman? Impossible! A gay man being touched in intimate places by another gay man? Unimaginable! In this line, there will be lesbian women checking gay men and gay men checking lesbian women!

Yes, this is the way to keep any kind of sexual arousal and tension at bay!


Dear homosexual friends: please understand that I am joking – no need to fill my inbox with outraged messages! 🙂

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