Never Married, Single Man looking for Wealthy Wife – 27 Jun 10

New York
United States of America

Like every day we have been to Central Park today, too, and Yashendu did his yoga. We said goodbye to park and our yoga participants on our last day here in New York. Tomorrow we will fly in the evening, so we thought of some nice times that we had in this park that we discovered only on this trip.

The other day, when we were coming back, we met a man just out of the entrance of the park. You can see him on the picture. He waved to us and we smiled and read the notice board that he had on his front and on his back. It read ‘Hi friends, looking for a wealthy lady to be my wife! My name is Robert, single, never married, no children. Call soon!’. And his phone no. and email address. We read that and so we asked him if we can take a photo of him and advertise him a bit.

It was a nice reason for laughing. Then however we had a little discussion about Robert. Is he serious? Or is he just making fun? Is he just trying to attract some attention by walking with his board? Or is he serious about finding a wealthy wife in this way? We talked and enjoyed the arguments. Then I said: Whatever his intention his, I see he is doing an honest effort. He is very clear and direct about what he wants, he doesn’t try to manipulate in any way and he thinks he is fit, maybe doesn’t have money or a job but if he finds a wealthy wife his life will be a bit easier. And he imagines that there must be many wealthy women who also suffer from being alone and want to have a partner for life. So he tries to approach them, to give them a sign: Yes, here I am and we can do it!

We hear often that a 20-year old person gets married with a 80-year old, rich person to get their wealth. They surely do not accept that they do it for money, they say it is love. It is an old game and it happens with both genders. Compared to that, I think Robert is very honest.

And this is how, today he is on my diary, we told him before that we will advertise his cause a bit. I thought anybody in this world, who fits his requirements or knows someone who knows someone, please feel free to contact him. I will give this recommendation and if you would like to help this honest man, just do it.

3 Replies to “Never Married, Single Man looking for Wealthy Wife – 27 Jun 10”

  1. At least: this guy is more than honest! So if a lady really decides to date him, she won’t buy a pig in a poke. But on the other hand we should remember the beatles song: “can’t buy me love, money can’t buy me love”.

  2. He’s got guts anyway especially doing that in New York! But I think that at times for the sake of love you need to take a risk and be willing to make a fool of yourself in many ways in order to find what you are looking for…perhaps I will use Robert’s trick to find my special someone…