Are Friends those with Similar Thoughts and Interest? – 3 Oct 10


Are friends those people whose thoughts and interests are similar to yours?

This is a very good question in my opinion which you can look at from several different angles in order to find an answer. Of course, thoughts and interest can be a strong reason to bring people together. Each ‘How to make new friends’- guide will surely give you this advice: find people who have the same interests as you. Join a soccer team if you like soccer or go into a bar if you just like watching it. Join a book club if you like reading and add your real interests in social networking sites where you can also join groups for your favourite bands, movies etc.

The reason is obvious: with people who share your interests you will always have something to talk and discuss about. It is great to have someone like-minded to talk to as you get the feeling that he or she really understands your interest, you inner longing to know more about this topic and to explore it from every angle possible. Some people even say, if there are no common interests in a friendship, it is not a friendship but just being together without any connection. They want to say that you need someone who thinks the same way that you do in order to be friends.

From my personal experience however I can say that common interests and common way of thinking is generally helpful to find friends but not absolutely necessary. You do not have to have similar thinking to be friends. You do not have to have the same philosophy to be friends. I actually think real friendship is beyond this. Common interest is only a reason for a friendship but the base of a friendship is love. My best friend Govind and I have very different interests and there are many topics on which we always disagree. We think in very different ways and have different philosophies. We do not meet often but we both know that our hearts are connected through love and friendship.

Even if your thoughts do not match, you can still be friends. Even if you disagree in a hundred of points, you can be friends. You need to agree at least on this one point though: you trust each other and have love for each other.

Nothing else is necessary.

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  1. Friendship is a meeting of energies and souls – when the resonance is harmonic it feels like a friendship – i think this comes first, shared interests and views seem to be the second later so i agree with you 🙂
    i would add however that many… are in friendships that are disharmonious – i find these to be energetic entrapments but would not call them “friendships” by my own definition

    when i met you & yashendu (and now also ramona) the feeling i had without even sharing a word was of the resonant quality – an instant recognition of myself as you – this would be friendship of the highest quality.

  2. That is so true friendship is something beyond all this what we create in our heads or keep our self busy with… I have a Friend we know each other since many many years and we went thru allot of difficult times in our life. No we do not …have same thoughts and interest also are very different and off cause we had discussion about many things.Even we do not see often and also not talk often, there where times we hardly saw another once in a year but you know what I can sit next to my friend and dont say a word and say everything and when we leave it feels like it was the best conversation we ever had … it is so peaceful, relaxed and free … just be:) Friendship is Love otherwise I do not know how to explain this energy 🙂

  3. Qui se ressamble se rassemble! I believe i surround myself with like minded people. I feel safe, understood and a sense of unspoken connection when I know and hear my friends are on the same page! I keep it loving, peaceful, fun, wild, positive and drama free therefore the people who are around me tend to echo that same energy! I really don’t believe a negative misanthrope would ever be attracted to being my friend! Thanks for the thought!! Peace always

  4. I disagree, sort of.,..I think we’re just bandying words….trust and love are the yield of friendship as well as the basis, and it is usually common interest/activity that brings people together to find out if they can trust/love each other.

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