Spontaneous Dinner with Friends – 4 Dec 08


I had some healing sessions again today. One girl came who was here day before yesterday, too, and she was so happy. She said after the healing session she went out and couldn’t stop smiling. One of the other sessions was with Garrett, a friend from Ireland who always comes to Lueneburg to meet me when I am here. He is a very nice man. I think I also wrote before that the healing helped him very much as he had fallen in a deep depression. But now he is very fine and I am happy to see him whenever he comes.

This time he also brought his sister and spontaneously I invited them for dinner. I asked Michael and he was also very happy. In this way we spent a really wonderful evening. I had cooked and together we enjoyed the meal. I like these spontaneous ideas because that often turns out to be much nicer than events that were organized long before. And in my opinion, if you invite a friend, you do not need to get nervous about having to do much of an effort. Because if you have a friend for dinner, it is more like eating with your family. Enjoy being together!

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  1. Being spontaneous is so great in friendships! Often, the plans you make don’t work out the way you were thinking. If you can be spontaneous, you can make an even better situation than your original plan. Spontaneity brings so much joy and energy into life… you are truly living in the moment with all your heart.