Open your Heart for Love - 30 Sep 08

India is the country of celebrations and festivals. All the year through you can find people celebrating. We just love it and so we find excuses and reasons to have a festival and enjoy it. We are very lucky that we always find something to have fun. As it is a spiritual and god-conscious country these festivals are always related with a spiritual topic so there is normally no alcohol involved in the celebrations.

Today a festival of nine days started, it is called Navratri. A lot of people, from young to old, do a fast for these nine days. This celebration is actually for the Goddess Durga, the Goddess of power and energy who destroys evil energies. For me evil is also born inside us and from the power and energy of Durga you can be able to destroy your inner demons and devils like ego, anger and jealousy which can cause much trouble and many people have to suffer often because of them.

They create a lot of fear inside us and out of this fear people often react in a strange way. They lose lots of energy just because of their complexes and fear. Mostly you will see that these people give unnecessary advice and interfere in topics which do not have anything to do with them. They mingle in relations even between old friends. I believe that there is not any problem that two old friends cannot solve without the interference of a third person, if they just open their hearts. And the hearts should be always open, not only in difficult times. I do not believe in showing off love.

Love should be flowing steadily and should be there and obvious all the time. This might not be the concept in the west but I believe that love should flow in a normal natural way, not only when you can show that you have a great love. And the difficult time of a friend should not be pointed out by a third person. I pray to Durga in this festival to destroy this kind of demons from the mind of humans.

Our yoga students brought lots of toys from Germany and we played in the garden together with the children of the school and the Kindergarten. I enjoyed very much to see them happily running around in the garden. It was lots of fun.

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  1. Berry

    If more people focused on love, many things would resolve themselves.

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