Are your Classmates from School Friends for Life? – 22 Sep 10


I would like to spend a little bit of time and space of my diary on the following questions:

What is a friend? Whom do you call a friend?

Are friends those people with whom you have been to school, your classmates and school friends?

When you went to school, there were many different people around you. There was a whole school full of people and everybody somehow belonged together because they went to the same school. You knew many of them even by the name but there was also a smaller group, those who were of the same age as you, in the same grade. Of them you knew more names and faces. Then there was your class of whom you knew everybody by name and whom you got to know during your lessons. And there were your friends with whom you spent most of the time.

With these people, classmates and school friends, most people make the experience that friendships last as long as you go to school together. Some of your school friends, or maybe only one, may stay with you for longer, maybe even for a lifetime. When school is over, there are less meetings. You do not see each other anymore each day. Interests are also different, you may realize only now that all you were ever talking about was school and you have nothing else to share with each other. Lives often go apart at this point. Young people have to find their own ways, have to develop and find who they are – and who they want to be with. At some point later in life you may meet these people again, at a reunion, a meeting of former class members, through a social networking site or any coincidence that lets you meet on the street, in a shop or at a seminar. It may just be a short meeting or you can reconnect and find out that you have developed in the same way. Everything is possible, nothing is fixed.

At the bottom line, most of your classmates are not friends for life however some of them can be. It may be only one, it may be two or three. If they stay with you through the whole process of finding your way in life, you can be sure that you have found a real friend. And even one of these is a very big treasure!

I have some more questions in my minds about the topic of friends and I will write more about this in the next days and would love to read your comments, too.

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10 Replies to “Are your Classmates from School Friends for Life? – 22 Sep 10”

  1. Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow.Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead.
    Just walk beside me and be my friend.
    — Albert Camus

    A friendship isn’t seen with the eyes, it is felt with the heart.
    There is trust, understanding, loyalty, and sharing. A friend multiplies the good of life, the love, just by the fact that he exist here and yet at the same time and space.
    The tongue of a Friendship is truth and love only 26.the beauty of a friendship is that a friend choose to be with you and to stay by your side thru the journey of life no matter what will happen.
    He/She is the mirror, if I look in my Friends eye I see mine , looking deep see his/her Heart and I feel mine 26it jumps one bit faster of joy 26 walking beside him/her I feel peace, harmony and happiness. No words are needed 26. Just a look, a smile and a warm hug from time to time.
    There is actually no mine and yours in a friendship is oneness 26 kindred spirits…knit together .

    To me friends teaches another, help to grain understanding about the path they choose to walk.
    But then we also have thous around us whom we not consider as a friend. Some of them we meet everyday for expel at Work. It looks like we have nothing in common but is this really like this ??? Do they not teach us also great lesson in life??? This one who always drive us nuts , is he not teaching us a big Lesson of passion , understanding and love 26 The one who always try to make us look bad and unsure, is he not teaching us to trust in yourself to become stronger and be honest and true, to understand whom we really are and what is important to us 26. There are so many expels I just pointed out few 26.

    My Daddy Ji always used to say to me 26 “it doesn 19t matter what the other Person is thinking of me, let him think I am not smart because I do things for them and help other, I do what I do because I love to 26 !

    I Love you Daddy ji! Thank you for being my Friend!

  2. I have them and they are the most wonderful people in the world. They know me, they forgive me, they support me and I them and we can share our goodness and our humanness with each other …

  3. Yes, my closest friends today are all people I met in high school, youth movement and university days. It helps that we all still live within 10 ks of each other.

  4. Go to youtube and search “bleacher bum makes a run for it” or “fan runs on field during Cubs game” or something close…… there are like 5-10 videos of it. Anyways, that is my best friend from high school and still one of my best friend now. A crazy dude.

  5. I like Ursula`s comment very much. Just readed it three times! So much through in it.My father used to tell me something very common, just with his way to talk. But the meaning is just the same.

    At the moment for me there is a big bunch of people I would call friends in daily talk, non of them had been a classmate and just one is left from school time. But what I call close friends, a person who would fit to the abouve mentioned there is just one left. Sadly she is very buisy at the moment after getting mother and moving in another arrea. May some day another friend will fill this free space.