True Friends stay when your Philosophy and Belief change – 16 May 11


I have changed a lot and have written about it a lot, too. When doing this, my aim is not, to change anybody along with me. I don’t expect anyone to follow me on my way. I am not a guru and I don’t want to have followers. If my writing however makes someone think and he, from within himself, decides to change, it is also fine. I don’t however write any article with the aim of changing one certain individual whom I have met on my way. I just express what I feel and think. If this is different to what you believe, it doesn’t matter, we can still be friends!

When I told my mother and father that I am not religious anymore and that I don’t believe in any of their rituals anymore, they understood that I have changed. They did not say ‘You are not our son anymore’. They said that it was fine. If this is my way, it is okay, they will still be there as my parents, supporting and loving me.

I write about my own thinking and my opinion. I don’t force anybody to agree with me. Please don’t get annoyed if I share my ideas. Even if our ideology, philosophy and belief is not the same, we can still be friends. This is my place to share my thinking. My and your philosophy will always change but that should not affect our love for each other.

I have parted ways with many people over the course of time. I have changed and they sometimes, too. I also know why they went away: they were attached to one piece of my belief, of my philosophy, attached to one idea that I had and that changed. Without this idea, why would they stay with me?

There were many people who were my followers. They were connected with me because I was a guru. When I stopped being a guru, they left, too. There were people who were in touch of us because we did astrological counseling. When we closed this department, they left and searched somewhere else.

When someone is a friend because of a reason, they can also stop being your friend when this reason is gone. It is okay if such friends leave because they are not true friends. A true friend loves your being. And this person will stay. Those who love me because of just me are connected in love, no matter what we feel or think. My father and my mother also still hug me as their son. Please still hug me as your friend, even if our opinions don’t match anymore. Love is bigger than any philosophy or any opinion.

Real friendships get more and more beautiful the older they get. Keep them alive and enjoy the age of your friendships. I am very happy that I have a few people, not many but a few of them, of whom I can say that we have been friends for a long time. Many things have changed but their love is there for me. And this is how it should be. Simply loving the other being.

Today we have come from Wuppertal to Essen. We are happy to have found new friends in Wuppertal and are now looking forward to make some more friends here in Essen.

7 Replies to “True Friends stay when your Philosophy and Belief change – 16 May 11”

  1. Whenever you tell your truth, there will be people who don’t like it. And whenever there are people who don’t like something you do, there can be some among your friends, too. And whenever they leave, it hurts. They should not, but they do.Isn’t is unfair that God allows this? That we get hurt and hurt over and over again?

  2. Dear my Friend … today you touched my heart so much 🙂 It is true , opinions change and everyone of us has to do they own experiences in life. So many influence we get in daily life and which each new person we met we also face new situation, challenges and opportunities … we are all woven in the same piece of cloth 🙂 Yes Love is bigger than any philosophy or any opinion :))))) if our opinions don 19t match anymore… but love will always match… hug you as your friend. Love

  3. This is a wonderful point. If we truly love our friends, we would want them to be happy and grow in whatever ways they need to- even if it means we disagree on certain things.
    I once heard a beautiful saying on this topic–
    The greatest thing you can do for someone you love is, every day, allow them to be new and different. Don’t hold your friends and family back in your mind with your idea of who they used to be.
    I think this is such a liberating and loving idea. We allow those we care about to grow and change, and they know we will still love them and care about them.

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