Friendship in spite of Differences in Opinion – 10 Nov 08


We have been talking about relations. Making a relation is easy. Breaking a relation is also easy. But to maintain a relation will need devotion, love and trust. I have told you already that I have a wonderful relation to my friend Govind since we were four years old. Our friendship started when we were in the Kindergarten together. Until now, about 33 years, it is a smooth relation, without any problem ever and with an amazing understanding even though we are very different and our thoughts are very different from each other. Our philosophy and our belief is really different but the understanding is great. I know I can’t change him and he knows he can’t change me. We also never try this. We do not insist on convincing each other. But whenever we met our love flows without any barrier.

He works in another town, which is maybe around 800 kilometers from here and I am only here two times a year. But whenever I am here and he also comes to Vrindavan, he comes to visit me here. I remember my friend Thomas said last time when Govind was here and when we all were talking about some interesting topic: It is great to see your friendship. When I see both of you it seems you have so big differences in your thoughts and ideas and I think in the western world this friendship could not exist for long. But our friendship is still great. Today he came for dinner with his wife and I cooked myself and we had a wonderful evening together.

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