Arrival of Friends at the Ashram in India – 10 Oct 09


Today in the morning Regina, Jens and Celina arrived at the Ashram. Of course they were very tired from the journey but they still wanted to see the school and the whole Ashram before lying down for getting some rest. And while we were showing them the kindergarten and the school, Ramona smiled at me and said: Now I realize that I am very proud to show this all. And I said yes, of course because you see what you are working for.

We see the children and see that some of the oldest of them who are now in the third grade were with us on the first day that we opened the kindergarten. They learned their alphabet and writing their first letters here with us. They became friends here and they see every visitor who comes here. It is really beautiful. And of course it is nice to share this in person with friends whom we were only telling about this all.

In the evening two people arrived who have seen the development of the Ashram in India with their own eyes. Thomas and Iris are here now and with them also our friend Helga. We are happy to have our friends here!

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