Ego cannot exist in a Friendship – 1 Jun 09


Today is the first day of the second half of the year and in the morning we said goodbye to our lovely friend Antje in Cologne and started to go to Essen. My friend Noemi always keeps us with much love and she puts much effort in supporting our projects. I am very thankful to my friends all over the world who give their heart and love.

I have often talked about friendship and its definition and sometimes I see that the definition changes here in the west. Friends cannot go along with each other if ego comes in between them. We have seen and experienced this again and again but sometimes it is very difficult to change this attitude in people. And of course it always can only hurt. And it hurts both sides. I think in this kind of situation people should look inside themselves and ask themselves why this happens again and again. They will definitely find the answer.

Then please follow your inner voice, there is the key! But the second unfortunate thing is that we mostly ignore our inner voice and decide not to respect it because of ego. I want to say please do follow your inner voice. That is truth.

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