Do you share your Heart with Friends? - 8 Oct 10

Is a friend someone with whom you can share your heart?

Yes, this actually is the special quality of a real friendship. A friend is the one in front of whom you can open your heart and share whatever you have. You do not need to take great care of what you say and in which way you say it. You know it doesn’t matter, you know that your friend will understand you and your feelings. Even if you say something in anger, your friend understands where this anger comes from. If you share your fears, your friend will understand them. And if you share your deepest wishes with your friend, he will do whatever he can to make your dreams come true.

There can be situations that you cannot even share with your family but of which you know that you can share them with your friend. In these cases a friend whom you can share with is what you really need. Of course this shows how much trust is in between you. A friend sometimes needs to straighten you out, too, when you are running in a wrong direction. This is why it is also good to share: friends can tell you when you are going astray.

It makes you light to share. No matter if it was something joyful or a worry that you shared, afterwards you feel better. Of course, this friend can also be a family member. Your father, your wife, your uncle or your sister. When friends with whom you share are family members, then relatives become friends. Sharing is a very special quality of friendships and if you are able to share among your relatives, too, you can be sure that you have some very special friends.

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  1. Jessica Baer

    Somewhere along the path, i forgot that it is ok to speak candidly with close friends, particularly when i am feeling angry or sad. What’s ironic is that i love and accept my friends no matter what might come out of their mouths–i cherish their openness like a precious stone. It’s time to reconnect with reciprocity!

  2. Mirela

    It’s the most wonderful thing when there is no separation of mine and yours in friendship. Some friends don’t even have to ask each other for some things, because they have the same thoughts and feelings and everything is self-evident. Specially sharing can be a sign for a deep friendship.

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