Meeting Friends after a long Time – 30 Jun 09


Today again I am putting the diary online earlier because we will leave Copenhagen in the late afternoon. It was a really nice time here and we enjoyed being in the atmosphere of this city. My friend Otto was so nice to host us in his flat. Yesterday again some friends came and we were having a nice time together.

It is sometimes really nice to see how you can be friends with someone whom you did not see for more than two years. But the tuning is just right and when you see each other again, you just feel love and friendship. Then there are other friends with whom you are in touch quite frequently although you often are not of one opinion and think in a different way. These friendships are also nice. I anyway do not like to break anything and I usually get along with nearly every kind of person. I always give people the possibility to be with me and to be my friend.

This morning we were lucky with the weather and could finally go to the beach which was in walking distance from Otto’s flat. The water was pretty cold but when I saw that Ramona and Yashendu jumped in, I could not stop and also went in. For one second you feel cold in 18 degree centigrade but then the body adjusts. We had some fun and a really nice time!

Friends, Fun