Depending on Each Others Support – 27 Jun 09


We had our first day here in Copenhagen. Actually the day is not over yet, we will put the diary online a little bit early today because we will have a big Chakra Dance Party tonight and it will be late when we come home. It was nice yesterday to meet old friends. In friendships it is nice that you support each other. You give support and whenever you need it you can get support.

I have already written sometimes that there are two things which can really create problems in a friendship: ego and expectations. Now you could say that you expect from your friends that they support you for which I said that it is nice and good. I would not say that this expectation is bad. If you don’t have this expectation even with your friends, then with whom can you have this expectation? But there should not be comparison. If you have this expectation to get support you should keep your heart open to support someone else, too. Do not count how much support you gave and how much you got. There should be no comparison, nobody should be big or small. In whatever way you support and are supported, be thankful for other people’s support and generous with your own.

In this society independency is very much highlighted. Everybody wants to be independent but the society is like a piece of cloth knit together, every string is interwoven with many others. You should not see support as dependency. Everybody needs the others, so either you see it all as dependency or nothing at all. It is an exchange, please keep your heart open for it.

2 Replies to “Depending on Each Others Support – 27 Jun 09”

  1. I have had a few rare instances in which I made a friend simply because one of us needed support. We had never really connected before, but knew of each other through school, for example. But when they found out that I was having a hard time with something that they felt deeply about, they came to my side to be supportive and we have become friends since! Or I found out that they needed help with a project they were starting and it was something I also cared about… through this connection we became close friends. 🙂 I am very grateful for the willingness of others to support me, even if we aren’t yet close. I also like to do this for others. And I have to say… lots of times, we made these initial supportive connections through Facebook! It is a huge social community for my generation and I appreciate the friends I’ve made through it. 😀