Tourism in India and Quality Time with Friends – 26 Dec 09


Today we had another beautiful day. My friend Manish and his wife had plans to visit relatives before going back home and so Yashendu, Purnendu, Ramona and I spontaneously decided to bring them to Hathras to their relatives. We had heard of a place close to this town, a Jain temple with a beautiful park around which is a kind of tourist attraction.

So we started after the children’s lunch and after about an hour drive we were there. It was a beautiful place but I think I have mentioned many times that I am not really a tourist. I enjoyed the day very much, really, but not because of the beautiful place. I enjoyed it because of the great company, because we had a good time together. Sunil also came with us and even came back to Vrindavan with us after dropping off Manish and his wife and son. Sunil left after dinner, too, to catch his train going back to his town. It was another great day in this beautiful life.

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