Trust in Friendships – 5 Oct 10


Are those people whom you trust your friends?

One thing is for sure: if you cannot trust your friends, you will have very few people whom you can trust. Trust is one of the basics for a real friendship. Of course you can call many people your friends but there are probably big differences if you look at how much you trust these friends.

If you daily meet someone at the bakery or on the way to work and you have a chat with that person each second or third day, then you would probably call this person your friend. There can be several of this kind of ‘street-friends’ in your life. And it is good to have several of them because they can make your day bright and colourful. You may however not let them hold your purse while you pay the bus driver and you may also not tell them that you are afraid your husband cheated on you. Your trust in these people is not that big that you could entrust them with this.

This also shows you the level of your friendship. If it is only superficial, you will not have the trust of telling about your deep feelings. In a real friendship you tell the other one about your fears and your love, about your concerns and your excitement. You can share tears and laughter and trust that your friend will be at your side through all of this. No matter when you call, if there is an emergency he will be there. No matter what there is to celebrate, she will be there to congratulate. No matter what grief is shaking you, he will be there to hug you and no matter what you want to tell, he will have an open ear and express his honest opinion to your thoughts.

A real friend is someone whom you trust.

4 Replies to “Trust in Friendships – 5 Oct 10”

  1. My policy has always been to consider everyone trustworthy until they prove otherwise. Often I’ve found the greatest comfort pouring my heart out to strangers. You never know until you actually try who has a sympathetic ear and who doesn’t.

  2. I trust in most of my friends and I try to be trustworthy, as well. Unfortunately, even good friends can break your trust and it hurts. Learning to forgive them for it is important. But my fall-back is always my family. I trust them with my life, no matter what, and forever.

  3. Trust is the foundation of every human relationship, specially of friendship and partnership.There are possibly different kinds of trust: trust for the “street-friends”, your partner or a good friend. You trust some people because you simply enjoy their company, others you trust because you love or respect them.

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