When old Friends travel the World to be with you – 18 Feb 16


These days we have two very special visitors at the Ashram: one of Ramona’s oldest friends, with whom she was in school together from the age of ten, and her boyfriend. Veri and Chris decided last year that they would like to come and visit us on their holiday in February – and we are very happy to have them here!

Obviously, we are having a great time together! Ramona has already shown them parts of the town, they have seen our school and of course they have got a tour through our restaurant, which is about to open really soon!

As Chris is a chef himself, we have had lots of fun talking about different concepts, our idea of providing healthy but tasty food, the work situation in German restaurants and differences that might be here – and of course we were able to give him and Veri a taste of the food we would provide at our restaurant!

Not having been so closely together for the past ten years, my wife and her childhood friend have a lot of things to talk about, remember fun together in the past, talk about common friends and acquaintances and share details about their life right now. Ramona was excited to show her how we live here, as it is of course a completely different world which is difficult to describe!

In order to show them a bit more than just Vrindavan, we took a trip to Delhi yesterday! We didn’t do too much of the sights because we didn’t only want to walk around in between ancient walls. Instead, we took a quick stop at India Gate and then went on to walk and go shopping in Old Delhi, visiting Chandni Chowk and of course Khari Baoli, the spice market! In the afternoon we went towards Connaught Place and enjoyed strolling around the shops there. Followed by a great dinner, we came home with lots of impressions of the capital!

On the weekend, we are planning another highlight: we will take a trip to Jaipur, the pink city and capital of Rajasthan. Of course they will also still visit Agra and the Taj Mahal, too. Together with visiting children’s homes in Vrindavan, visiting some more of our small town, baking and cooking at the Ashram and playing with Apra, we will have another full week before they leave towards Goa – and we are already looking forward to the fun we will have!

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