I love spontaneous Surprises! - 3 Sep 16
Friends, Friends

Today I received a phone call which made me very happy: Michael and Andrea have booked their tickets to come and visit us!

I was going to phone my first German friend today anyway because they had reached back home in the last week after their holiday trip. I expected us to talk about their past holiday but Michael and Andrea completely surprised me: they had arrived home from Italy, still completely in holiday mood and had felt the urge to come and see us in India! Some areas of Italy had reminded them of India and they have not been here for a while now – so they decided to check for flights! They found a very good offer and just as I like it did not hesitate: they will be here at the end of November!

I love it – surprises like these are the best! I love the spirit as well, being spontaneous and deciding to enjoy when you get the chance and see an opportunity! And of course we are all looking forward to having our friends here again! There are so many new things to show them with the restaurant being a big factor that has changed our lives!

Oh, I know they will love having a coffee and a piece of cake in the afternoon, they will enjoy our pizza and pasta and we will have them try all our Indian specialties as well!

It will be a great time!

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