Joy of meeting virtual Facebook Friends in real Life - 9 Jun 16

I already told you several times how incredibly our life has changed. I saw this yesterday and today again: in earlier times, I was best available in the evening time. During the day, I was very busy working on the computer, this website, on social media, replying requests, emails, messages and more. Now – well, I am too busy in the evening for doing anything but assigning tables, serving and helping at the restaurant!

Yesterday, a facebook friend came to visit who has been connected online for a really long time already: Ashutosh Kumar, professor at Delhi University. He came together with his wife and I was really very happy about their visit. It is great to see someone finally in person whom you have been communicating with online for several years!

They arrived in the late afternoon, so that we showed them their room and then they had dinner at the restaurant. By the time they were finished, the restaurant was full and we were enjoying serving and hosting our guests. We only had a small talk before they went to sleep.

In the morning however, we met for breakfast and had a long talk. I showed them around the Ashram, school and restaurant, showed them our projects and progress and enjoyed sharing with them.

Isn’t it funny how life changes? But don’t you worry, if you come to visit me, I may be quite busy in the evenings and also during daytime, I obviously have things to manage – but I will always find time to spend with friends, to talk and of course also help if my advice is needed anywhere!

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