Loving those Friends with whom you don’t agree at all – 27 May 14


Yesterday I told you how I feel with some friends who have a completely different belief system than I do. We don’t like each other’s thinking, behavior and even talk! Nevertheless, we are friends. How does it work?

I really am in this situation, have been for quite a while, and I believe I am not the only one. After having gone through the changes that I have been through – turning from a very religious believer into an atheist – I don’t have a lot of topics to talk about with some of my friends. Not only our view on religion differs but pretty much about every other topic as well. So when we get together, we spend a short time talking about the weather, then maybe how we are at the moment and then there is no topic anymore to talk about. How difficult it is to spend time with these people!

On the opposite however, when I meet someone who is not very close and with whom I am not connected by years of friendship but who thinks in the same direction, I can spend a lot of time talking about many different things. When the conversation ends, you feel like you would like to spend more time with that person. Do you know this feeling?

If you spend time with these people, closeness and love will just naturally come. Of course, you like their talk and way of thinking, they act accordingly, so you like their behavior as well. You will most probably get along with their friends, as one normally surrounds oneself with like-minded people. A friendship develops and there is love.

At the same time however, love is not limited to those with whom you like to spend time with! It is absolutely possible to love those with whom your thoughts don’t match – and as they are normally old friends, you have been loving them all along. You don’t want to talk to these people, you have nothing to talk about, but nevertheless there is love. When the question of love comes, all philosophies and thought processes fail.

I have experienced that my thought process changes with changes of place, time and situation. My consciousness changes and my thoughts obviously change along. Everyone thinks differently at different situations in his life. Considering this, I believe it is possible that the other person, whom you love but with whom you have nothing to talk to, may as well change and think like you one day. Once they do, your dislike of your conversations will change to a liking. And even if not, just never leave the love in between you!

What I wrote above is just the truth of my life and what I have in my heart. It doesn’t matter if my and your thoughts match or not. It doesn’t even matter if we like each other or not. But even if we don’t like each other and don’t want to spend time with each other, we are all human. And for the sake of humanity, we can be connected on the level of love.

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