Saturday is Cleaning-Day? You are free to Decide – 6 Jul 09


Several times I have already talked about how people have different faces in their lives. I thought about it and saw that sometimes our patterns, habits and the rules that we set for our behavior help to create these different faces. We have for example different clothes. There are casual clothes, work clothes and party clothes. And when you wear certain clothes it creates a certain mood and energy. You will be in the suiting mood and energy. This creates different faces.

We even have a mindset with different days. Many times we are used to do certain things on certain days, for example Saturday which is a popular day for cleaning the house and doing garden work. So you already create the energy for this before the day is there. Often people fix their mind about their eating habits for religious reasons. Some people have the rule not to eat meat on Fridays and many people eat a great lunch on Sunday.

This all helps us to fix ourselves into a certain frame and our emotions and mood is getting very much dependent on certain days, certain clothes etc. Then we cannot feel free but it becomes a rule: if I wear these clothes, I have this mood. I have to have this feeling now because it is this weekday.

I am not really against it if something makes you feel good and happy. It is great if you feel good when it is there. But on the other hand, if these conditions are not given, you have difficulties being happy. You need certain things to feel happy. But to be happy and to free the consciousness from all these rules, regulations and dependencies we need to develop more and to grow our consciousness more. We won’t depend on time anymore. I can make Sunday today. Material, time, clothes, food, places, anything should not matter. We are the creator and can create anytime, anyplace.

2 Replies to “Saturday is Cleaning-Day? You are free to Decide – 6 Jul 09”

  1. Sometimes rules can be useful in life. But not if we can’t live without them and not if there will be sulkiness, if we break them at times. Having the ability to let things go and still be relaxed is very important 😉