Strange Opinions on Freedom of Women – 13 Mar 10


In newspapers and on TV news channels here the exposure of a row of fake gurus is still very much discussed and yesterday by chance I heard a few statements of other gurus and swamis which I did not like at all. They were talking about the scandals and said that women needed to be controlled more. They said that to any program or event, a woman should go with her brother, husband, father or a group of friends. It was a very insulting talk towards women. They even gave proof from religious scriptures where it is written that you should not give freedom to women, they need to be controlled. This is really disgusting talk to me. With this kind of arguments they actually say it is the women’s fault that these Swamis are involved in sex rackets or just generally in sexual activities. Don’t you think men should be able to control themselves, too? Why should you not control men? Did they forget how much respected the same woman is in the same religion if you just look into another scripture? How will man exist without woman? You yourself are born from a woman, your mother was a woman, otherwise you would not be here!
Today was the birthday of a remarkable young lady, our friend Celina. The children of the school, the Ashram and all of us wish a very happy birthday!
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3 Replies to “Strange Opinions on Freedom of Women – 13 Mar 10”

  1. It is really refreshing to hear a man have this opinion about women. Even in western culture where everyone would swear we are treated completely as equals, when men hear of equality issues, they just shrug their shoulders and pretend it’s not happening. So many beliefs that we have are instilled in us since birth as is they were the only possibile reality, if people would just take time to think and consider things they would realize that so much does not add up or make sense and respect/disrepect when you view other people is a big area. Whether it’s racism, sexism, classism, just take time to think about thing you believe so fervently. Do they make sense? are they even necessary? are people being hurt by these beliefs?If people would just take time to consider their ideas… So many things could be different. In the end though, I suppose a lot of it has to do with feelings of power and wanting to hold on to imagined power. Sigh.
    Thanks for saying this Swami Ji, I think it’s really important.

  2. It is pretty clear that many traditions are no longer fitting in modern society. We shouldn’t be afraid to let go of traditions that seem wrong and don’t work for us anymore. For example, reading the scriptures in a literal sense doesn’t always make sense for modern society. Maybe there was a time when “protecting” women and preventing them from freedom was appropriate or understood. But it’s time to let that go! Allow movement, change, and growth… or you are stuck making the same mistakes over and over again.

  3. It is so depressing that even in today’s world, men speak of ‘controlling’ women and how they need to be accompanied everywhere. It is terrible that these men can not see that all people are equal, despite gender. All people should have the freedom to live their lives without being held back.