Closeness for Sharing Emotions is Necessary! – 28 Nov 08


Here in the western world I see that relations are not as warm as they should be. They should bring closeness in life and should make it easy to share emotions and the ups and downs of life. Otherwise it is very formal and you have to think if you can share something or not. If you cannot share your happiness you cannot be really happy.

That is why somebody gives a party. When you invite and celebrate you do it because you want to share your happiness. It makes you more happy when others celebrate your happiness together with you. If you are happy and alone, you cannot really enjoy it. In this way it is also with sadness. When someone is there with whom you can share it, it is reduced. You need closeness so that you have somebody to share your happiness and that there is someone in the time of trouble.

Unfortunately the concept of family is being lost. There is no real closeness and not much sharing in between family members. That is how many people feel alone. One very big argument was given again and again for this: people want to have their freedom. That is maybe why they don’t like somebody to get more close to them or their lives because then they are afraid that this person will start interfering in their lives and they could lose their freedom. Because of this they create an invisible fence around themselves to protect their freedom. Maybe they get freedom but what cost do they have to pay?

There is no real warmth in relations, it brings coldness and make relations formal and with a certain distance. Slowly the feelings get less and less and it leads to aloneness. I do not really understand what kind of freedom they are looking for and what their definition of freedom is. Why are we not able to have our freedom while maintaining the closeness of relations, too? We have to maintain a relation in a way that everybody feels free and respected. Like this we can enjoy the warmth and closeness of a relation and never have to feel alone.

Purnendu today did a pooja ceremony for the peace of those souls who were attacked in the last nights’ terror attacks in Bombay. All school children lit candles for them and prayed together. We pray to God to give consciousness to those who are lost. It was nice to see the children and they had posters in their hands which said ‘No more terrorism’ and ‘Stop the violence’.

Click here to see more pictures of the ceremony against terrorism

2 Replies to “Closeness for Sharing Emotions is Necessary! – 28 Nov 08”

  1. I agree. Your family is often the people who you can share your deepest emotions with. I also find that my family knows me so well that they can tell what I’m feeling and I don’t even have to say it. It helps them be supportive because they already know if I’m upset. With other friends who don’t know me as well, they might just think I’m acting weird but don’t know how to help.