Barack Obama – is the President free to go where he wants? – 22 Sep 09

New York
United States of America

We are staying with Suann and Jeremy and their apartment is right next to the building of the UN. When you go out of the entry of the house you can see the big building with the mirrored windows just to your left. Today there were many police cars and black security cars with dark windows out in the street and a lot going on. Jeremy told that when he was on the way home he was actually asked to prove that he lived in this building. At one point the whole street was full of officers and policemen. And why? Because the General Assembly started today and Barack Obama is in town.

We were talking about this a while today. Wherever the president goes, he needs to inform many people before. Wherever he is, he will always drive in his high security car with four cars in front and four cars behind him. Whatever he does, he will not be alone. He is not able to go out and sit in a café, he cannot decide, just like we do, to go and have a pizza in the small restaurant around the corner. He cannot go and pick up a glass of juice at the store next door.

It is a different life. I would not like to live like this. I always say that I can go anywhere and this is what I like. We discovered a place that sells great ice cream, in the entrance hall of Madame Tussauds in New York City. If I were the president I would never be able just to walk up there and have ice-cream. No, I enjoy my life with all the freedom that I have.

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4 Replies to “Barack Obama – is the President free to go where he wants? – 22 Sep 09”

  1. It is sad knowing what he has to go through and I see it as a sacrifice that he makes for all of us.. In that,, we are very blessed.. wonderful blog as always.. big loving hugs..

  2. The white house use to be open for anyone. People could walk in and talk to whichever president was in office at the time. There was no secret security. Things have changed. Weapons have become deadlier. The US population is much much larger, etc. But maybe the president’s high security also reflects new attitudes towards trust and the lack of it, and certainly the collective fear of a nation.

  3. I wonder what would happen if Obama seemed less cautious and less afraid. I think that fear can manifest as violence and less fear from Obama would produce less risk for him.